Visionary leaders at the CEO Summit 2023

Last week, the city of Guayaquil witnessed a gathering of visionary leaders at the CEO to CEO Summit 2023, and we were immensely proud to see our CEO, Andrea Irarrazaval Olavarria, take the stage. Representing Carbon BioCapture®️ and the innovative advances we’ve made using microalgae technology, Andrea captivated the audience, emphasizing the pivotal role industries can play in driving sustainable change.

The core values of the summit – Knowledge, Commitment & Cohesion – were not just topics of discussion but embodied in every word Andrea shared. Highlighting our unique endeavors in capturing gases from thermoelectric plants and cement factories, she painted a vivid picture of the present and a promising vision for the future.

As Andrea spoke, it was evident that her leadership, fused with her deep-rooted commitment as the board chair of WEAmericas Foundation, stands as a beacon for businesses and individuals alike.

We’re truly grateful to The Council LATAM for organizing such a powerful gathering that reinforces the collective ambition of creating a sustainable and collaborative world. The summit might have concluded, but the ripples of inspiration and motivation continue.